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Quiet! Voices.

wild_force71 in the_uninitiated

Heroes for the Uninitiated: Landslide

Well, it's the penultimate episode! Since this whole episode takes place in various parts of New York, I've forgone the New York tags at the top of each scene.



PETER has just absorbed TED’s power.

PETER: CLAIRE, kill me!


MATT: Kill him, CLAIRE!

TED: Don’t kill me!...no, wait, kill him!

CLAIRE: (Aims gun)

PETER: Oh. No, actually, it’s ok now.

CLAIRE: (Shoots him anyway)

ISAAC’s loft

HIRO mopes over his sword. No, really.

HIRO: (Japanese) I suck.

ANDO: (Japanese) You can still defeat SYLAR!

HIRO: (Japanese) He broke my sword.

ANDO: (Japanese) We’ll get it fixed.

HIRO: (Japanese) Oh yes, we’ll just look in the phone book, will we? ‘Excuse me, I have a five hundred year old samuri sword, can you fix it?’

ANDO holds up the phone book. There’s an ad for a bladesmith…and the HELIX is drawn across it. They smile.


CLAIRE and MR BENNETT contemplate the vaguely helix-looking sculpture in the centre of the plaza.

MR BENNETT: So PETER’s your uncle, hmm? Blood relations. That’s got to be disappointing.

CLAIRE: What? No. What? Why are you even here?

MR BENNETT: We came to destroy a tracking system. Then you and I can go back to Texas and live a happy, smalltown life. Won’t that be nice?



PETER: Go home.

TED: Ain’t gonna.

PETER: But the painting! And my dream!

TED: Nope.

PETER: (Pouts)

MR BENNETT rejoins them with CLAIRE.

MR BENNETT: There’s a town with barely no one in it. You guys go there, and at least if you explode you won’t hurt many people.

CLAIRE: I’ll go with you.

SYLAR: (Across the plaza, listening) So will I.

NATHAN’s home

NATHAN’s on the phone to his campaign manager.

NATHAN: So we’re losing, but we’re still gonna try.

He hangs up.

NATHAN: (To LINDERMAN) We’re losing.

LINDERMAN: It’s taken care of.

NATHAN: I’m going to win?

LINDERMAN: Taken care of.

NATHAN: Assuming I let my brother explode?


NATHAN: My father would kick my ass for this, you know.

LINDERMAN: Nonsense, your father was one of us! And then he gave up on us. And then he died. Those last two aren’t related.

NATHAN: Yes, but…

HEIDI: NATHAN? You didn’t…oh, LINDERMAN. I’m sorry.

LINDERMAN: That’s quite all right, young lady. When your husband wins, we’re going to be very good friends. (He pats her hand and leaves)

HEIDI: That man is creepy.

NATHAN: Yes, but we need his money.

HEIDI: You don’t need him. You’re great on your own.

HEIDI’s foot moves. NATHAN gapes.

NATHAN: Oh, my god! LINDERMAN the healer has healed you! That was weird.

HEIDI walks around.

Somewhere in the city

CLAIRE: So maybe I’ll be a mystery hero after this is over.

PETER: What, walk around with your pants outside your clothes?

PETER hears: Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now. Kill TED now.

PETER: …this could be trouble. TED, SYLAR’s after you.

TED: Who now?

PETER and CLAIRE run away. TED follows. SYLAR eats ice cream and gloats.

Elsewhere in the city

HIRO and ANDO head for the bladesmith.

ANDO: (Japanese) Damn traffic!

HIRO: (Japanese) Look, it’s Flying Man!

NATHAN is indeed leaving the poll, pausing for many photo opportunities along the way.

HIRO: (Japanese) He will help us!

ANDO: (Japanese) But in the future he is a bad man!

HIRO: (Japanese) This is the present, he is not evil yet. (English) Flying Man!

NATHAN: (Quietly) Damn it! (Out loud) HIRO! How nice.

HIRO: Flying Man, we must stop bad thing? You help, yes? Come!

NATHAN: Sorry. You can’t stop this.

NATHAN walks away. HIRO cries. ANDO comforts him.

HIRO: (Yells) You are villain!

NATHAN: Hey, you learned that vee sound. Good for you!

Across the street, DL and JESSICA watch him leave.

DL: So NATHAN takes us to LINDERMAN?

JESSICA: And MICAH. Let’s go.

ANDO points.

ANDO: Look, the store! We will get help here.

In the store, the first thing they see is a huge banner with the HELIX on it.

HIRO: MR CLAREMONT? You fix my sword?

MR CLAREMONT: Wow, you really trashed this, didn’t you? MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR, what do you think?


HIRO: (Japanese) Father! Are you following me?

KAITO: (Japanese) No. I knew your mission would bring you here.

HIRO: (Japanese) That’s…oddly disquieting.

KAITO: (Japanese) HIRO! Come!

HIRO follows.

ANDO: (Japanese) HIRO! Don’t leave me!

KIRBY PLAZA Building—Apartments

CANDICE comes in and interrupts MICAH’s attempt to jump out the window.

CANDICE: Here, I have some comics. Or maybe I don’t; maybe I’m just making you think I do. Either way, read them.

MICAH: Why are you so evil?

CANDICE: Eh, the world sucks, is all.

LINDERMAN arrives.

LINDERMAN: So! Do a job for me, and I’ll pay you off and you can go home.

MICAH: Don’t wanna.

LINDERMAN: Do it anyway.


Elsewhere in the city

TED, PETER and CLAIRE attempt to rent a car. It doesn’t seem to be going well—not surprising considering TED’s the FBI’s most wanted.

TED: So SYLAR kills people?

CLAIRE: Cuts their heads open.

TED: Right! Time to leave the city, I think. Who’s with me?

In a fine display of dramatic timing, AUDREY—that’s AUDREY-the-FBI-agent, not AUDREY-SYLAR’s-mother—arrives with half the city’s police behind her. TED sighs and surrenders as PETER and CLAIRE vanish into thin air.

AUDREY wanders over to SYLAR.

AUDREY: Thanks for tipping us off…

SYLAR: ISAAC MENDEZ. Just doing my civic duty, ma’am!


SYLAR sneaks away while she’s not looking.

The bladesmith’s shop

HIRO watches uncertainly as KAITO unwraps something on a table.

HIRO: (Japanese) Father, I cannot go home with you.

KAITO: (Japanese) I have not come to take you home. I am here to help you in your mission.

HIR: (Japanese) Help me?

KAITO: (Japanese) Once I worked with others. But we lost our way. Now you will save the world.

HIRO: (Japanese) How can you help me with that?

KAITO spins, almost taking his head off with a sword. HIRO grins.

Polling Centre

CANDICE, disguised as a black woman, leads MICAH to check in.

BLACK!CANDICE: I’m teaching my son about voting.

WORKER: That’s nice.

The WORKER takes them to a booth. CANDICE changes back to herself.

MICAH: Why are so many of them lawyers?

CANDICE: They’re already used to lying, I guess. Ok, make the machine vote for NATHAN.

MICAH does. It’s very tiring.

NATHAN’s headquarters

NATHAN watches the results. It doesn’t look good…he’s got 36%.


NATHAN: Hey, the woman who warned me about LINDERMAN!

JESSICA: Hey, the guy who promised to kill LINDERMAN and then didn’t!

DL: Tell us where he is.


DL: So we can kill him for taking our son.

NATHAN glances at the screen. He’s just won, 64%. Landslide.

NATHAN: You’ll make sure he won’t come after us?

DL: Hell, yeah. (Cracks knuckles)

The bladesmith’s shop

KAITO and HIRO do their best to kill each other.

KAITO: You must be like TAKEZO KENSEI!

HIRO: (Attacks)


MATT and MR BENNETT walk in.

MR BENNETT: We need to go to the 42 floor.

MATT listens to the security guard.

MATT: Hey, DANNY, you wanna let me through?

DANNY: …and you are?

MATT: Aw, c’mon, dude! We totally met up at that restaurant at the weekend! And I met your girl, and we talked about… (drops voice) the porn…

DANNY: Oh, geez! Go ahead!

He buzzes them through. MR BENNETT tries his passcode on the elevator.

MR BENNETT: It doesn’t work.

MATT: Nevermind that now, that blonde is one of LINDERMAN’s killers!

MR BENNETT: (To JESSICA) Hey! Over here!

JESSICA: Oh, it’s the fat cop.

MR BENNETT: Look, we’re all trying to do that same thing, roughly. Wanna help us out?

Medical suite

MOHINDER checks MOLLY’s medication.

MOHINDER: Well, you seem to be getting better.

MOLLY: I’m all better! Look, I can stick pins in maps!

MOHINDER: That’s your power? Who is that meant to be?

MOLLY: That’s Hero #2.

MOHINDER: Why is he here?

THOMPSON comes in.

THOMPSON: You guys need to leave now. Actually, no, I’ve changed my mind. You need to come stare at a security monitor with me for the next while.

Down the hall somewhere

MR BENNETT and MATT get off the elevator.


MR BENNETT and MATT head for the medical suite.

In the suite, MOHINDER and THOMPSON watch them on the monitor.

MOHINDER: So…what’s going on?

THOMPSON: They’re coming to kill MOLLY.

THOMPSON yanks out his gun.

Out in the corridor, MATT prevents MR BENNETT from walking into THOMPSON’s gun. In thanks, MR BENNETT wanders off and leaves him to be shot.

…No, not really. He kills THOMPSON before he can kill MATT.

MOHINDER is still watching on the monitor.

MOLLY: MOHINDER? I thought I heard a noise. No one’s coming to kill me, are they?

MOHINDER: No, of course not. Go hide…I mean sit…in your room.

MR BENNETT uses a card to get into the Medical Suite.

MATT: How come your card works but your passcode doesn’t?

MR BENNETT: Stop nit picking. Now look, I’m about to do one of those morally grey things, all right?

MATT: I hate morally grey.

They find MOLLY.

MATT: Oh, you are not shooting her!

MOHINDER dings MATT in the head with the fire extinguisher.

MR BENNETT: Oh, good. I thought he’d try to stop me. Look, I’m only killing her so they don’t kill my daughter, all right?

Elsewhere in the city

SYLAR watches TED’s van. Grinning, he knocks it head over heels—metaphorically. TED’s suspended inside, crying.

TED: Why are there no guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

SYLAR kills him. Betcha didn’t see that one coming.

The bladesmith’s shop

KAITO: (Japanese) Good enough. You’re ready to go.

HIRO: (Japanese) Yes!

HIRO runs out to the main shop.

HIRO: (Japanese) ANDO! I’ve been training for hours, but apparently it hasn’t occurred to me that you might be bored or anything!

MR CLAREMONT: He got bored, bought a sword and left.

HIRO: Oh no! He is useless without me! Although he did fine in LINDERMAN’s casino before I got there…but that’s not the point!

KAITO: (Japanese) If he has gone to face SYLAR, he will die.

HIRO: (Japanese) Why do you never have anything good to say?

Elsewhere in the city

PETER and CLAIRE are stuck in traffic.

CLAIRE: Well, this sucks.

They get out to investigate. It turns out the holdup is due to TED’s van.

PETER: Oh, fantastic. Now SYLAR has TED’s power. Come on, we need to go.

He tugs CLAIRE away.


LINDERMAN: Yes, I’m ready to flee the city.

DL: Rats go down with the ship, huh?

LINDERMAN: Huh. You came here.


LINDERMAN: I helped create him, you know, so in a sense he’s mine too.

JESSICA: Just give him back.

LINDERMAN: Well, I could…or you could kill DL there, take this stack of money, and walk away.

DL: Not even!

LINDERMAN: Oh, yeah, she’s gonna do it.

JESSICA: He’s right, DL, I would.

JESSICA closes her eyes. NIKI opens her eyes.

LINDERMAN: Well, that was just silly.

He takes out a gun. DL takes the bullet. LINDERMAN steps over him to get to NIKI. DL crushes his brain from the inside out. It’s pretty gross.

NATHAN’s headquarters

NATHAN pushes HEIDI’s wheelchair into place.

HEIDI: I could walk.

NATHAN: No, you’ll distract attention from my win! Just sit there like a good little girl.

NATHAN heads up to the podium.

NATHAN: Well, you voted me in. Good for you. I’m a good choice because I know how to make the hard choices. I learned that from my father. Now, the world sucks, so let’s make it better.

Elsewhere in the city. It kinds of looks like the DEVEAUX roof, but maybe it isn’t.

SYLAR practises making tiny atomic blasts.

SYLAR: Boom.

To be continued…


Haha, I loved this one. Lots of funny points. Um, should I make a list? Yeah, I think I will.

-kill him kill him kill him kill him;
-and blood relations, too bad;
-and those last two are unrelated;
-and he finally learned the "vee" sound;
-and bennet kindly allows matt to be shot
-except not;
-and nothing occurs to hiro ever;
-and kaito never has anything good to say
-and brain crushing is very gross;
-and summarized speeches sound redundant
-and silly;
-and finally,

I like the list. Very nice. :) And yes, the speech is a bit stupid, isn't it? I think it's just Nathan. He's not much good at it. :D
I dunno, I think he's decent. All good bullshitter should be able to make speeches where no one listens to the words--just the sound of his voice.
favourite moment ever:

NATHAN: Hey, the woman who warned me about LINDERMAN!

JESSICA: Hey, the guy who promised to kill LINDERMAN and then didn’t!

Thanks! :D
^^ This made my giggle muchly.

I wanted to huggle glomp Ando when I read:
"ANDO: (Japanese) HIRO! Don’t leave me!"
But yes. All other excellent moment have already been pointed out. Darn my lack of dedication to updates. Anywho. Yay final chapter.. which is such a silly episode it's bound to be great.
Yay final chapter.. which is such a silly episode it's bound to be great.

Here's hoping, anyway!

I don't mind how long it takes you to comment, spiffleh, as long as you're still enjoying.