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Heroes for the Uninitiated--How to Stop an Exploding Man

Ok! Last episode of season one. It's been a long time coming; thanks for hanging in there with me. :)

Since there was exactly one response to Time of the Reaper I'm assuming you guys didn't like it much. So the Uninitiated is taking a short break. With any luck, the next season of Heroes will start up soon.

Thanks, beta!

Where does it come from? This quest? This need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream?

Perhaps we’re better off not looking at all. Not delving, not yearning. But that’s not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here.

Yet still we struggle to make a difference, to change the world—to dream of hope. Never knowing for certain who we will meet alone the way. Who among the world of strangers will hold our hand.

Touch our hearts…and share the pain of trying.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

KIRBY Plaza Building

DL has just been shot and then killed LINDERMAN. It’s just as gross the second time around.

DL: Go save MICAH.


DL: You’re gonna get caught.

GUARDS are hammering on the door. It’s all very tense.

NIKI: We’ll both go. Come on.

DL: Woman, there’s a bullet in me!

NIKI: Oh, come on, I shot you once! Stop being such a wimp and let’s go.

They go.

Medical suites

MR BENNETT and MOHINDER are aiming their guns at each other. Actually, no. MOHINDER’s aiming his gun at MR BENNETT, MR BENNETT’s aiming his gun at MOLLY.

MOHINDER: I’ll kill you!

MR BENNETT: I think not. I have to save the world!

He aims at MOHINDER again. MOLLY ducks under the bed. MATT wakes up and looks at her.


MOLLY: He’s trying to kill me!

MATT: Oh, hell no.

Instead of killing him, MR BENNETT meekly acquiesces to MATT’s demand.

The bladesmith’s shop

HIRO is still dithering around instead of going after ANDO, although it’s clearly quite a while later.

HIRO: (Japanese) Oh no! ANDO will die!

KAITO: (Japanese) This is not your problem. You must save the world. That comes above caring about anyone.

HIRO: (Japanese) No, I will save ANDO!

KAITO: (Japanese) You are a disobedient son!

HIRO: (Japanese) I don’t care! I must do as my heart commands.

KAITO: (Japanese) Oh, alright then.

KAITO hands over the sword. HIRO takes it, bows and disappears.

The loft formerly owned by ISAAC

SYLAR paints himself fighting PETER in the KIRBY PLAZA. He now knows who he needs to kill.

To celebrate, he desecrates some of ISAAC’s work.

NATHAN’s office

NATHAN is watching his speech replaying on the TV when ANGELA comes in.

ANGELA: LINDERMAN’s dead, but the plan goes ahead. Still with us?


ANGELA: Good boy.

KIRBY Plaza Building

NIKI and DL have reached MICAH’s floor.

DL: You go on alone.

NIKI: No, I can’t!

DL: Yes you can.


She goes on alone, leaving DL to bleed in the corridor.

Somewhere near the Medical Suites and Some road, somewhere

MOHINDER and MR BENNETT bicker at each other while dumping THOMPSON’s body.

MOHINDER: I can’t believe your solution to everything is killing!

MR BENNETT: I can’t believe you’re so naïve! Look, can you just trust me?

MOHINDER: Last time I trusted you I ended up on the wrong end of your gun!

MR BENNETT: I’m trying to take down my former company. And protect my family. The one seems to necessitate the other.

MOHINDER: You are not touching MOLLY, not ever.

MATT: (From down the corridor) Hey, MOHINDER! Something’s wrong with MOLLY!

MOHINDER legs it. MR BENNETT is about to follow when his phone rings.

MR BENNETT: CLAIRE, do you watch me to find the worst times to ring? I mean, where are you? I’ve been so worried!


MR BENNETT: Let me talk to PETER.

CLAIRE: But he’s driving, isn’t that illegal?

MR BENNETT: CLAIRE, the world’s coming to an end. Just put him on the phone.

CLAIRE: Yes, sir.

PETER: Um…hello?

MR BENNETT: You’re going to have to stop SYLAR.

PETER: But we don’t know where he is.

MR BENNETT: Yes, our tracking system’s gone down but we’re working on it. Keep CLAIRE’s phone, and make sure she doesn’t get hurt.

PETER: Well, that’ll be easy at least.

PETER hangs up, puts the phone in his pocket and pulls the car into a parking garage. CLAIRE looks around.


He parks directly in front of NATHAN.

CLAIRE: You promised you wouldn’t call him!

PETER: I know. I need NATHAN. He’s my brother, he’ll help us.

PETER gets out to talk to NATHAN.

PETER: NATHAN, I’m not the bomb, it’s SYLAR.

NATHAN: But I thought you dreamed about it.

PETER: Shut up about the dreams, we’ve moved on, alright? Now you have to get the FBI to look for SYLAR.

NATHAN casually edges PETER away. CLAIRE scrambles out of the car, watching.

NATHAN: Now, I think we should send CLAIRE away.

PETER: No, she has to kill me!

NATHAN: Nonsense. You can’t die. You told me that.

PETER hears: Just give up, PETE. We’re working against you from the inside, you can’t win.

PETER stops, backing away from NATHAN.


CLAIRE has run into—literally—ANGELA.

PETER: You’re trying to stop me. Where’s CLAIRE?


PETER vanishes in mid-run. NATHAN stops, frustrated.

Outside, PETER reappears, looking around randomly.


His anxiety sets off his nuclear powers. He stares at his hands, breathing faster as he tries to stop them…then solves the problems by breathing so fast he faints.

KIRBY PLAZA Building, Medical Suite and the parking garage.

MR BENNETT walks into MOLLY’s room.

MR BENNETT: Well, is she working yet?

MATT: That whole empathy thing’s not really working out for you, is it?

MR BENNETT: We’ve got to find SYLAR.

MOLLY: I can do it.

MOHINDER: You can’t even lift your head, sweetheart.

MOLLY: Don’t need my head. Just a map and a pin.

MATT: You can really find anyone?

MOLLY: Well, everyone except one. Cos if I look at him, he looks back.

MR BENNETT: You’re looked for everyone in the world?

MOLLY: Just gimme the map.

MR BENNETT: Just seems like if there’s one, there might be more…


She sticks the pin in.

MOLLY: There.

The men look at the map.



MATT: Who?

MR BENNETT: Ok. I’m gonna call PETER.


MR BENNETT: Try and keep up, MATT.

He dials CLAIRE’s phone. Despite the fact that PETER clearly had it when he vanished, CLAIRE now has it.

ANGELA: Why don’t I answer that, dear? (To phone) Hello?


ANGELA: Why, how nice that you think I’m sixteen. CLAIRE’s staying with her family now.

MR BENNETT: I’m her family.

ANGELA: No, you were a foster situation. Now she’s coming home. We’re going to save her life, though, so there’s that.

MR BENNETT: I wanna say goodbye.

ANGELA: Sure. I can be magnanimous in victory.

She hands over the phone.

CLAIRE: Dad! I’m looking for a way to run away from these people!

ANGELA: Sweetheart, you haven’t actually moved away. I’m still right here.

CLAIRE: Stop listening to my private phone calls!

ANGELA: Oh, the joys of having a teenager around…

MR BENNETT: CLAIRE, you have to stay with them and escape the bomb that can’t possibly kill you anyway. Then you can leave them. Where’s PETER?

CLAIRE: I don’t know, he was talking to NATHAN last I saw.

ANGELA: That’s enough, dear.

CLAIRE: Dad? Do you have a plan?

MR BENNETT: …I have a plan.

MATT steps out of MOLLY’s room, cocking his gun.

MATT: Ready to go after SYLAR?

MR BENNETT: No, we have a new plan now. We have to find PETER.

MATT: Screw you.

MATT leaves.

Outside the parking garage and the roof of the DEVEAUX building

Peter starts to wake up. He looks around in confusion—he’s on the DEVEAUX roof.

A noise behind him turns out to be his younger self pushing CHARLES DEVEAUX’s wheelchair onto the roof. ANGELA follows them. PAST PETER parks CHARLES beside the table and backs off so he and ANGELA can talk.

SIMONE walks onto the roof. PETER watches in disbelief.


PAST PETER: Hi, I’m the new murse. Uh, Nurse. (Brushes back his hair)

SIMONE: Oh yes, I know.

She leads him to the greenhouse where PETER is hiding. He panics until PAST PETER looks directly at him and doesn’t see him.

SIMONE: So, your mom and my dad, huh?

PAST PETER: Um, I think they’re just…oh, sorry…

He steps around her.

SIMONE: So, I wanted to thank you for coming to work here.

PAST PETER: Hey, death is a beautiful thing. (Brushes back his hair)

SIMONE nods, smiles, and backs away.

PAST PETER: No, really. I mean it’s the one thing that connects us all, you know?

SIMONE: You know what? I should show you the apartment. Where there are phones. Let’s go.

PAST PETER and SIMONE leave. PETER edges closer to his mother and CHARLES as they talk.

CHARLES: PETER doesn’t know yet. What about NATHAN?

ANGELA: Oh, LINDERMAN’s grooming him. I’m told he’ll be ready.

CHARLES: You know we can’t count on LINDERMAN, don’t you? He’s betting on the wrong brother.

ANGELA: What, PETER? Oh please!

CHARLES: PETER has empathy, he has hope, he has heart.

ANGELA: You’re not writing a lonely hearts ad, CHARLES. I love PETER, but the kid’s useless at everything. He’s not strong enough to lead the world after the bomb. We need NATHAN for that.

CHARLES: The bomb doesn’t have to happen.

ANGELA: I’m sorry, I think you’re wrong.

CHARLES: Doesn’t matter to me, I won’t be around to see it anyway.

ANGELA: Goodbye, CHARLES. I’ll never see you again.

CHARLES: Your loss.

ANGELA leaves.

CHARLES: Done lurking around yet, PETER?

PETER stares at him.

The loft formerly owned by ISAAC

ANDO slinks in, holding his sword in a vaguely threatening manner. Inside he sees the pieces of the painting of PETER flying, and the painting of SYLAR and PETER at KIRBY PLAZA. Another couple of steps in, he slips on some blood and crashes into SYLAR.

ANDO: (Japanese) Oh, that’s not good.

SYLAR pins ANDO against a wall. The comic falls out of his pocket, and SYLAR picks it up, flicking through lots of things that have happened already until he reaches the page showing his death.

SYLAR: Oh, give me a break. ISAAC thought your silly little friend would kill me? Whatever.

ANDO: HIRO is not silly! And stop eyeing my forehead.

SYLAR: What do I care about your forehead? There’s nothing in there I want. Where’s PETER?

ANDO: Who?

SYLAR cuts him a bit.

ANDO: OW! Bitch!

SYLAR: Oh no you di’nt!

HIRO: (Behind him) Oh yes he di-id!

SYLAR grins at him.

SYLAR: Ok. You want your friend to live? Stop time before I kill him. (He points at ANDO.)


ANDO and HIRO are both gone.



NIKI runs around in circles.

NIKI: MICAH!!!!!!!

One of the doors is open. NIKI looks in to see JESSICA sitting on the couch, waiting for her.


NIKI: What the hell?

JESSICA: You killed MICAH.

NIKI: That is such a lie!

JESSICA kicks her in the face.

The loft formerly belonging to ISAAC

MATT lets himself in. No one’s there, but the KIRBY PLAZA painting is still on show. MATT leaves again.

KIRBY PLAZA Building, Medical Suite

MOHINDER: MOLLY? I don’t want to alarm you, but the bogeyman is coming so we need to run.

MOLLY: Oh, he’s already here.

NATHAN’s Headquarters

ANGELA: The helicopter will be here in ten minutes.

NATHAN: That’s time to get my paperwork, then, isn’t it.

CLAIRE: Yeah, you’re gonna need that when the world comes to an end.

ANGELA: Look, this is happening. You can’t stop it now.

CLAIRE: The future is not written in stone! There is no fate but what we make. (To self) That’s kind of cool. I must remember to tell ZACH that.

ANGELA: You just have to let the adults worry about this.

CLAIRE: (To NATHAN) Your brother’s going to die.

NATHAN: He’s not going to die. That was your gift. Now you have a home with us. That’s his gift.

CLAIRE: PETER will hate himself if you let him do this.

She turns and jumps for the window, smashing to the ground many stories below. NATHAN and ANGELA watch as she gets up, grins triumphantly at them and then legs it.

ANGELA: You’ll have to leave her here, NATHAN. You’re still my boy, right?

NATHAN doesn’t answer.

KIRBY PLAZA Building, Apartment

JESSICA knocks NIKI around the place, finally crashing her into a mirror.

JESSICA: (In mirror) Well, that was dumb. NIKI! That’s not me!

NIKI: Whu….

JESSICA: It’s not me! Go kill her, she’s keeping MICAH away from you!

NIKI punches FAKEJESSICA in the face, knocking her across the room and out cold. She shimmers back to CANDICE.

MICAH: Mom! I’m locked in the closet!

NIKI lets him out. MICAH hesitates, looking at her.

MICAH: Is that you, Mom?

NIKI glances at the mirror. JESSICA has vanished.

NIKI: It’s all me, baby.

Elsewhere in the building

MOHINDER and MOLLY fall over DL as they try to escape.

MOHINDER: A bleeding man! Clearly I must help him, even if I’m not a doctor. MOLLY, call the lift.

MOLLY: It won’t come!

MOHINDER: Then go to the stairs and tell me if anyone comes.

MOLLY: What if they come up behind you?

MOHINDER: Stop poking holes in my plans! Just go look.


ANDO and HIRO reappear in the cubicle room.

ANDO: (Japanese) Yes! We’re alive! Ha ha!

HIRO: (Japanese) Well, time to go back there.

He puts the Godsend sword down on a table.

ANDO: (Japanese) What? No! Wait!

HIRO: (Japanese) ANDO, I must go.

ANDO: (Japanese) HIRO…one day, people will talk about you like Superman! Or TAKEZO KENSEI!

HIRO smiles, taking ANDO’s sword.

HIRO: (Japanese) You keep the Godsend. I will be back.

He vanishes.

DEVEAUX rooftop—possibly the past, or maybe a spirit vision.

PETER: What’s going on?

CHARLES: You needed someone to talk to. You needed to hear what you heard.

PETER: I can’t believe you knew this all the time.

CHARLES: I always thought it would be you, PETER. You have the power to love everyone.

PETER: Also to turn invisible and paint the future, but who’s counting?

CHARLES chuckles.

CHARLES: You’re going to save the world, PETER, because you’re the good one. (Loud) I’m tired now!

PAST PETER comes back out of the apartment.

PAST PETER: Well, bedtime then, sir! (Brushes back his hair and then pushes CHARLES’ chair into the apartment.)


PETER opens his eyes. He’s in the alley behind the garage, and MR BENNETT is kneeling over him.

PETER: Did you just hit me?

MR BENNETT: Excuse me for trying to wake you up!

PETER: How’d you even know where I was?

MR BENNETT: Tracking system. Now come on, time to kill SYLAR.

PETER: No, you should go. (Glances at his hands) I’m not sure I can control this.

MR BENNETT: You saved CLAIRE’s life. I figure I’ll stick around, maybe kill you.

PETER: Awesome. Let’s go, MR BENNETT.


PETER sniggers.

NOAH: What?

PETER: No, nothing. Something in my throat. Sorry. It’s fine…NOAH. (Sniggers again)

NOAH: I don’t have to kill you, you know.

PETER: Whatever—NOAH.

NOAH: (Sighs, heads for the PLAZA.)

PETER: (Following) Actually, it’s very apt. NOAH saved the human race.

NAOH: I’ve changed my mind. Call me MR BENNETT.

KIRBY PLAZA Building, a corridor

MOHINDER’s still tending to DL.

MOLLY: Guards are coming!

Proving that MOLLY really is smart, NIKI and MICAH sneak up on MOHINDER from behind.


MOHINDER: We need to go. I’m MOHINDER, by the way.

NIKI: Not the time for introductions!

NIKI breaks the stairwell door while MOLLY and MICAH stare at the lift.

MOLLY: It won’t come.

MICAH: Will too!

MOLLY: Nu-uh!

MICAH: Yu-huh!

The lift comes. Everyone piles in just before the guards break through the door.


PETER and NOAH reach the PLAZA.

PETER: Are you sure about this? No one’s here.

NOAH: PETER, we’re in New York. The fact that no one’s here should tell you that something’s going on.

SYLAR taps NOAH on the shoulder. When he turns, SYLAR throws him across the PLAZA and he smashes into a building.


PETER turns to face off with SYLAR.

SYLAR: I thought you were dead already.

PETER: Ditto.

MATT steps out, firing. SYLAR stops the bullets in midair, then sends them back at MATT who goes flying backwards.

MOHINDER and his flock arrive on the PLAZA just in time to see him fall. MOHINDER leaves NIKI with DL and the kids and goes to help him.

SYLAR’s choking PETER telekinetically. Now he yanks a parking meter out of the ground and smacks PETER upside the head with it.

NIKI comes to help, snatching the parking meter and hitting SYLAR in the stomach.


PETER: (To NIKI) Go on. Let the men handle this.

NIKI throws the parking meter away in disgust and leaves him to fight SYLAR on his own.

PETER’s hands begin to glow.

PETER: Oh, shit!

SYLAR: Well, look at that. You’re the villain, PETER. (He gets ready to hit him.) And I’m the hero.

Just as he’s about to hit PETER, HIRO appears behind them. SYLAR turns and HIRO stabs him through the chest.

HIRO: (Quietly) Yatta.

SYLAR falls over. PETER stumbles; his hands are very bright now.


PETER: HIRO, you’ve got to kill me. Look, right here.

He turns, showing HIRO the kill spot. SYLAR lifts one hand and sends HIRO flying backwards. HIRO screws up his face and vanishes just before hitting the wall.

SYLAR collapses.

Around the PLAZA everyone watches as PETER struggles to control the Hands of Death.

CLAIRE arrives, scooping up NOAH’s gun.

PETER: Do it!

She doesn’t.

PETER: Do it!

She doesn’t.

PETER: CLAIRE, for the love of God, do it!

CLAIRE: There has to be another way!

PETER: No there isn’t! Just shoot me!

NATHAN: (Lands) Yes there is.

CLAIRE: How the hell did you hear us from all the way up there?

NATHAN: CLAIRE, you’re stepping on our tender Italian-Brotherly moment. So you mind going to check on your father? Yeah, that’s great. Thanks.

PETER: NATHAN, you can’t die!

NATHAN: Yeah, well, it’s me or the city. Come on.

The pair fly straight upwards.

Everyone watches until something explodes, high up. CLAIRE cries.


Various police and ambulances are present. The Heroes wander or sit or are loaded into the ambulances. It’s very controlled-chaos.

We dream of hope. We dream of change.

MOLLY: Please don’t die, Officer Parkman! You’re my Hero.

MOHINDER watches with MOLLY as MATT’s loaded into an ambulance.

Of fire, of love, of death. And then it happens. The dream becomes real.

CLAIRE sits to one side, watching.

And the answer to this quest, this need to solve life's mysteries finally shows itself.

NOAH comes to sit with her. His arm’s in a sling and he looks generally beat up.

Like the glowing light of a new dawn.

NOAH: Shall we go?

CLAIRE: We have nowhere to go. Remember? Our house blew up?

NOAH: Home is anywhere we are together.

CLAIRE: You’ve been watching Disney again, haven’t you? I warned you about that, Dad.

So much struggle for meaning, for purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other -- our shared experience of the fantastic ... and the mundane …

There’s a smear of blood leading to a storm drain. A cockroach walks along the edge.

The simple human need to find a kindred ... to connect ... and to know in our hearts ...

SYLAR’s body has vanished.

... that we are not alone.

End of volume one.

Volume two: Generations…

Japan, 1671

HIRO crashes onto the grass. He groans, sitting up slowly.

To his left a horseman yells. HIRO turns in that direction and sees a huge army staring at him. In the other direction, one man, wearing the Godsend Sword, is also watching.

The army advances and HIRO starts to run, but he pauses as a shadow sweeps over the ground. Glancing up, he sees a solar eclipse.

To be continued…eventually.


MATT: Oh, hell no.

Instead of killing him, MR BENNETT meekly acquiesces to MATT’s demand.

The man out-badassed Bennet, fer chrissakes, and I still get people trying to convince me Matt's not awesome.

Frickin' brilliant, as always! The entire "Noah" exchange had me giggling, as did Molly poking holes in Mohnder's plans and Claire worrying about Peter talking while driving.

Thanks for a great season, and I hope the second comes around soon. :)
It was fun. :) I'm glad you enjoyed.

MATT is definately awesome. I love the guy. So great.

And I actually don't know if it's illegal to talk while driving in the USA, but it is over here...and it made for a better joke, anyway. Never let it be said that I let accuracy get in the way of the funny. :D
Well then, it worked out pretty well, because I think New York is the only state where it is illegal here.
*insert obligatory Hiro/Ando squee here*

Also? The Noah exchange was wonderful, I'm sory I didn't get the chance to tell you that before.

*waits impatiently for season two to start*
You and me both, sister. :)

Icon love.
"The loft formerly owned by ISAAC"

That's all of his legacy that's left, isn't it? They're just going to use his loft forever.

I love what Bennet pointed out about Molly. How can she know there's just one? But I guess the Company could have been testing her powers by going through the phonebook or something...

The Noah exchange was great. And the SCC reference; unfortunately for Claire, Zach, like all other gays on this show (who are always teenaged, it seems?), has vanished.

Claire never does it. But she should have. Would've showed that girls can do stuff; maybe Niki could have slapped Sylar around with the parking meter some more, as I loved that scene.
SYLAR: Ok. You want your friend to live? Stop time before I kill him. (He points at ANDO.)


ANDO and HIRO are both gone.

I think it goes without saying how awesome this is, but I've gone and said it anyway. ♥
I reckon the Company probably couldn't have had MOLLY go through every phone book for every country in the world, and even if they had there are hundreds of thousands of people who aren't in books. So there could be billions of people she can't find; she only knows about that one.

:: Gets off soapbox ::

Everyone's just forgotten about Zach! They'd forgotten about him before the Bennetts ever left Odessa. And I'm really enjoying SCC, and that quote was made for a reference...

Thanks, dude. See you in season two. :D