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Quiet! Voices.

wild_force71 in the_uninitiated

Four Months Later

Look, we're back! Enjoy Four Months Later. Thanks, scislasher.

MOHINDER's voiceover:

The sun rises on a new dawn. Yet few of us realise the debt we owe to those responsilbe for this. To those who dwell among us, anonymous, seemingly ordinary, whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. If evoulution can do this for even the smallest of creatures, then why not these human beings?

And they're still out there, among us, in the shadows, in the light. We pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing.

Do they even know yet? that they are bound together by a common purpose, a glaring reality, to be extraordinary? And when destiny does anoint them, how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again?

And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?


Cairo, Eygpt

MOHINDER speeches at some very bored looking people.

Meanwhile, there are flashes of things that will happen during this series.

MOHINDER: There are people in the world who are special. They may or may not know this. They can try and hide, but it’s probably not going to work. Also, they are dying from a disease. It only affects them. But they may be the world’s response to all the terrible things that are happening lately, so if they die, that would, y’know, suck.

One or two people clap. Most just leave.

BOB watches and smirks.

As MOHINDER leaves BOB catches up to him.

BOB: That was great. Your father would be so proud.

MOHINDER signs his book without looking.

BOB: Your sister, on the other hand...

MOHINDER slams him into a wall.

BOB: (Con’t) Ow. I’m just trying to offer you a job, you know.

MOHINDER: What, with the Company? No thanks.

BOB: Aw, go on.



MAYA and ALEJANDRO run away from some police. It takes a very long time.

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) Just so you know, we’re going to America.

MAYA: (Spanish) Thanks. You know I keep forgetting that, so please remind me all the time, ok?

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE and NOAH walk through her school.

CLAIRE: My new classes suck. So does my new school. And our new life.

NOAH: Just remember, CONSTANT VIGILANCE! If the Company figure out where we are, there’ll be big trouble.

CLAIRE: Yada, yada, yada.

NOAH: Maybe this will cheer you up.

He gives her a car.

CLAIRE: Huh. That does make things better.

In her excitement, CLAIRE is almost run over. WEST stares at her. CLAIRE is not nearly as creeped out by this as I would be.


HIRO falls out of the sky into no mans’ land. On one side...an army armed with bow and arrows. On the other...a man on a horse. It’s TAKEZO KENSAI!

Just as the archers are about to fire, the shadow of an eclipse crosses the grass. Everyone pauses to look up.

HIRO: (To self) Uh-oh. Last time I saw an eclipse, I spent six weeks trying to stop the end of the world. (Shrugs) Eh, I’m sure that won’t happen this yeargh!

He freezes time, along with the arrows that were about to skewer him.

HIRO: (Still to self) Huh. Clearly it’s far too dangerous to allow my hero, TAKEZO KENSAI, to face this, even though he must have faced it on his own the first time around. Time to go!

He, KENSAI, and KENSAI’s horse all vanish.

New York

MATT shoots a bunch of people in the name of training.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: Wow. How’d you do that? Some kind of freaky mind reading power?

MATT: (Laughs uncertainly)

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: You know, you got shot. You could just take disability.

MATT: No, that’s boring.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: Yeah, well, here’s your badge. You’re a detective now. Well done.

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE sits in class, idly burning herself.

WEST: ...huh.

CLAIRE: Just testing!

WEST: Sure! I’m West.

CLAIRE: ...good to know.

WEST: So! Sheep or goat?

CLAIRE: I’m sorry?

WEST: Robot or alien?

CLAIRE: (Shifts her seat away)

WEST: Fine, be that way.

He then notices her answer a question in her notebook rather than out loud.


ALEJANDRO and MAYA head for a truck.

TRUCK DRIVER: (Spanish) Oooh, pretty girl!

MAYA: (Spanish) Get away from me.

TRUCK DRIVER: (Spanish) Whatever. Money?

ALEJANDRO hands over all their money and they climb into the truck, joining several other people.

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) Well, we have no money and our driver’s a sleezeball. I’m sure everything’s going to be fine now! We’ll get to America very soon.

MAYA: (Spanish) That’s right, we’re going to America. I’d forgotten again.

New York

MATT wanders across a playground. MOLLY WALKER jumps him from behind.

MOLLY: Got you! You’re late.

MATT: No, I’m not.

MOLLY: Yeah y’are.

MATT: Aw, we’re such a loving family!

MS GERBER, MOLLY’s teacher, decides that she’s had enough of this.

MS GERBER: Mr Parkman? May I speak to you please?

MOLLY runs off.

MS. GERBER: MOLLY’s been falling asleep and having nightmares and you are clearly a horrible, horrible father. Unless you’re the mother?

MATT: MOLLY’s fine.

MS. GERBER: No, MOLLY’s in big trouble. Look.

She holds up a sheaf of paper. All the pictures feature Evil Eyes and the HELIX.


KAITO sits watching as ANDO spills coffee all over a heavily bearded NATHAN. The beard is apparently a disguise, and it’s working, as neither KAITO nor ANDO react to him.

ANDO reaches KAITO and hands him the half-empty cup of coffee and a newspaper.

ANDO: (Japanese) Sir, you know how much I love HIRO, but it’s been four months. He must have screwed up the time travel again. You know he’s not very good at it.

KAITO: (Japanese) I thought he was a loser for thirty years, but now I know he’s a hero. So I will wait for him to return to me.

He opens his newspaper and a picture of him falls out. It’s marked with the HELIX.

KAITO: (Japanese) S**t! Where did this come from?

ANDO: (Japanese) I took the paper from your office. Why?

KAITO: (Japanese) It’s the black spot!

ANDO: (Japanese) Uh—it’s a red kanji, sir.

KAITO: (Japanese) That’s not the point!

PETER’s apartment, New York

ANGELA pokes idly at a picture of NATHAN and PETER. She looks up as NATHAN comes in.

NATHAN: Ma, I wish you’d stop coming here.

ANGELA: Your wife has left you, apparently.

NATHAN: Yeah, you know how much I love it when you point these things out to me, Mom. Would you stop packing PETER’s things away? He’s coming home!

ANGELA: You’re in denial. And drunk. But mostly denial.

NATHAN: You were gonna blow him up! What do you care if he comes home or not? Go away.

ANGELA leaves.

Outside she notices a photo stuck to the wall. It’s of her, torn from the same photo as KAITO’s, and like his the HELIX is daubed over her face.

ANGELA’s very afraid.


HIRO, KENSAI and his horse reappear. KENSAI falls off.

HIRO: (Japanese) Yes! I did it!

KENSAI scrambles to his feet.

KENSAI: (Japanese) Bugger this for a laugh!

He runs away.

HIRO: (Japanese) But you are KENSAI!

Another man wearing KENSAI’s armour steps out behind HIRO, crossbow ready and armed. HIRO immediately surrenders.

KENSAI #2: (Japanese) Hey, I already paid him!

KENSAI #2 picks up his sword, studying it.


KENSAI #2: Yes? And you are?

HIRO: Your biggest fan ever!

KENSAI pulls off his mask. He’s white.

HIRO wibbles.

Costa Verde, CA

NOAH BENNET...ah, hell, let’s just call him MR BENNET like the good old days...hurries into a copyshop. His manager, displaying fantastic sense, leaves a customer mid-word to harass him.

MANAGER: You’re late.


MANAGER: How dare you be late? Go do some work!

MR BENNET: Yeah, I’ll get right on that, boss.

Cairo, Egypt

BOB: I know you think we’re evil, but really we’re not. Look, I have powers too! Why would I conspire against my fellow beings?

He turns a spoon into gold.

BOB: (Con’t) And besides, you tried to kill SYLAR, so that moral high ground? Not really very sturdy.

MOHINDER: And your point is?

BOB: Come study the virus with us and save your fellow beings.

MOHINDER’s apartment, New York

MATT pays for some pizza.

MOLLY comes out of what may be MOHINDER’s bedroom. Why are two men and a little girl sharing a two-room flat, anyway?

MATT: Let’s be lovingly dysfunctional a bit more.

MOLLY: Sure. Are you a detective now?

MATT: Yeah.

MOLLY: Except it doesn’t count, because you cheated.

MATT: It’s not cheating! Now tell me why you’re drawing these pictures.

MOLLY strops off.

MATT: You’re not a teenager yet, you know!


MAYA reads a Spanish version of CHANDRA’s book.

MAYA: (Spanish) ALEJANDRO, we must find this doctor so he can cure me!

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) Yes, MAYA. We’re going to America to find him. I will protect you.

MAYA: (Spanish) That’s nice.

The truck stops and the TRUCK DRIVER and the OTHER GUY hustle MAYA and ALEJANDRO out.

TRUCK DRIVER: (Spanish) So here’s the thing. You can pay us more money, or your sister can come up front with us.

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) But we paid you!

TRUCK DRIVER: (Spanish) Yes. And we’re changing the rules. Why are you having trouble with this?

The TRUCK DRIVER pulls out a gun and, instead of shooting ALEJANDRO, beats him. MAYA yells but does nothing helpful. No one in the truck comes to help her.

The TRUCK DRIVER and the OTHER GUY haul MAYA back into the truck and take off, leaving ALEJANDRO on the ground. He gets up and limps after them.

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE plays badminton and watches the cheerleaders practice. Her badminton partner, MARTHA, pretty much sucks.

JACKIE, CLAIRE’s enemy from ODESSA, has been reincarnated as DEBBIE, head cheerleader for Costa Verde High.

DEBBIE: Ha! You suck.

CLAIRE takes the high ground and wanders off to find the badminton birdie thing. WEST intercepts her.

WEST: So you’re a sheep.

CLAIRE: Am I. That’s nice. Birdie.

WEST gives her the bird—I mean, birdie—and she wanders back towards DEBBIE and MARTHA.

DEBBIE: MARTHA, do the reckless thing.

GYM TEACHER: (To self) Should I intervene? Nah...I’ll just let the kid be mentally scarred.

CLAIRE: Just leave her alone.

DEBBIE: Oh, come on, I’m just crushing her spirit. What’s the harm?

CLAIRE: You ain’t all that and a bag of potato chips, you know.

DEBBIE: Excuse me? You’re so new, you don’t even have a place in the pecking order yet. How dare you talk to me? Why don’t you do the reckless thing, if it’s so easy?


CLAIRE climbs a large tower and looks down.



CLAIRE: ...actually, I’m afraid of heights.

DEBBIE: Why does that not surprise me?

WEST looks oddly disappointed as the bell for end of class rings.

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MATT ‘listens’ to MOLLY’s nightmares. Someone seems to be chasing her, based on the variations on “Get away from me!” that he keeps hearing. Instead of waking her up and sparing her the nightmare, MATT continues to listen.

Eventually MOLLY wakes up, bolting upright and smashing into MATT.


MATT: You’re having a nightmare! Wake up!

MOLLY: But he can see me!

MATT: No, it’s just me. Now, do you know who the boogyman is? Yeah? So tell me, and I’ll go...do something.

MOLLY: No. He’ll kill you. He’s much more powerful than you.

MATT: Hey! I scared MR BENNET into not killing you, I’ll have you remember!

MOLLY clings to him.

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE is still on top of the tower. She considers the empty gym for a moment, then does a perfect backflip.

Unfortunately, the mats have been removed and she shatters both shin bones.

She snaps the bone back into place just as WEST comes in. He may or may not have seen anything.

WEST: What are you doing, CLAIRE?

CLAIRE: ...I was tired, so I thought I’d sit down.

WEST: Sure.

Also Costa Verde, CA, but a different part

MR BENNET is having a nice, relaxing break. His manager—who, by the way, is several years younger than him—stalks in.

MANAGER: Get back on the floor, it’s busy!

MR BENNET studies him for a moment, then looks outside. The shop’s absolutely empty.

MR BENNET: Yeahsurewhatever. I’m just taking a couple more minutes.

MANAGER: No, you’re getting yourself fired.

Without looking up, MR BENNET catches the MANAGER’s hand, twists it, and locks him against the table.

MR BENNET: No, I’m taking a break, and from now on you will not speak to me. Ever. Got that?

MANAGER: (Whimpers)


HIRO busies himself trying to figure out why KENSAI is white. KENSAI busies himself peeing.

HIRO discovers KENSAI is English. That’d explain the English accent, then. Well done, HIRO.

KENSEI: I get paid to fight off bandits, I find some poor drunk, give him a few coins, and put him in my armor on my horse. He yells about how great he is, I shoot everyone dead from hiding. Everyone thinks I’m great.

HIRO: But KENSAI fights for honor!

KENSEI: No, I like money. It’s good.

HIRO’s dreams are crashing around his ears.

HIRO: But in the future! Your deeds are legend!

KENSAI: Of course they are.

HIRO: Yes, you killed the Black Bear of Sakashita, you love the swordsmith's daughter, and you defeat the terrible White Bearded Warlord and save the village of Otsu.


HIRO frowns.

HIRO: (Japanese) What’s burning?

KENSEI: (Japanese) Otsu, I believe.

DEVEAUX rooftop, New York

KAITO studies the photo of himself.

ANDO: (Japanese) Sir, what is going on?

KAITO: (Japanese) I will die.

ANDO: (Japanese) What?

KAITO: (Japanese) You should go. That way you won’t be hurt.

ANDO: (Japanese) No sir. HIRO would never speak to me again if I left you to face...whatever you’re going to face.

KAITO: (Japanese) Ok, then allow me to make up an excuse to send you away. I...need a sword.

ANDO: (Japanese) Works for me.

As ANDO is leaving, he passes ANGELA. KAITO waves him on and he leaves them alone together.

ANGELA: I got a death threat.

KAITO: I also. Once I thought we were dying of natural causes...LINDERMAN, your husband, CHARLES DEVEAUX. Now I think that may not be true.

ANGELA: LINDERMAN died from a fist in the head. How is that natural causes?

KAITO: You know the kind of people he dealt with...anyway, I thought I would escape because I tried to help HIRO. How’s that going for you? You know, with your two sons?

ANGELA slaps him.

KAITO: You might want to think about running away. I am.


HIRO watches the villagers of Otsu run for their lives.

HIRO: I broke history.

KENSAI: Just have some sake and stop worrying about it.

KENSAI steals some sake.

HIRO: You’re going to be very rich and marry a beautiful woman!

A beautiful woman storms up and smacks KENSAI across the face. Oddly, he does not look surprised.

YAEKO: (Japanese) You were supposed to save us!

KENSEI: (Japanese) Slight miscalculation, nothing to worry about.

YAEKO snatches his sword.

HIRO/KENSAI: My sword!

YAEKO: (Japanese) You are not worthy to carry a sword like this!

HIRO watches as she storms off again.

HIRO: KENSAI! You must fight many things with stupid names, then the swordsmith’s daughter will love you!

KENSAI punches him out and keeps going.

Costa Verde, CA

The BENNETS eat. It’s not awkward at all. Honest.

MR BENNET: We could talk about the weather?

LYLE: (Sulks)

CLAIRE: (Sulks)

SANDRA BENNET: Well, CLAIRE, how was school? Perfectly normal, I hope?

CLAIRE: I was so normal I stood out even more. I think tomorrow I’ll try being kooky.

MR BENNET: I think not. Look, I’m sucking it up and working at the worst job ever. You could at least be grateful.

A phone rings. MR BENNET glances at his cell.

MR BENNET: Whoops. Work.

SANDRA: Your work closed three hours ago.

MR BENNET ignores her and goes into another room.

MR BENNET: (To self) It’s lucky I embezzled all that money from The Company to pay for this house... (To phone) Hello.

MOHINDER: (On phone) I’m in.

MR BENNET: About time, too. Now, just in case any of my family are listening, let me reiterate our plan; we’re going to bring The Company down.

ALEJANDRO crests a hill and sees the truck ahead. It’s stopped, lights and radio on, no movement, no people in view. He hurtles down the slope, pausing carefully to circle it.

He pulls open one of the doors and the TRUCK DRIVER falls out. He’s very, very dead, bleeding black from his eyes.

All the passengers are also dead.

He finds MAYA sitting at the side of the road in shock.

MAYA: (Spanish) I killed everyone.

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) Yes, MAYA. That’s what you do. Come on. We have to go to America.

MAYA: (Spanish) Oh, is that where we’re going?

Costa Verde, CA and New York

CLAIRE makes a call. NATHAN answers.

NATHAN: Stop caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalling me!

CLAIRE: But I need someone to whine at.

NATHAN: Sorry. With PETER gone, I’ve got to pick up the emo slack. I’m busy angsting.

NATHAN hangs up, glancing at a mirror. In the mirror he’s all burned and gross looking. He looks away, then back, and he’s normal.

NATHAN: (To self) Oh, great. NIKI’s power. That’s all I need.

CLAIRE hangs up and rolls over.

Outside her window, WEST is watching. Dude, grow up. You’ve known her for one day.

Oh—he’s flying. How nice for him. Here’s hoping he’s not another illegitimate PETRELLI—that’ll make his crush on CLAIRE really gross.

New York—DEVEAUX Rooftop

KAITO turns as the door behind him opens.

KAITO: It’s you.

HOODED FIGURE: How can you possibly tell who I am? I haven’t even stepped onto the roof yet.

ANDO returns, just past the nick of time. The HOODED FIGURE shoves KAITO over the edge and goes with him.

Completely uselessly, ANDO runs after them and tries to catch KAITO, who has already landed—ALONE—on the ground below.


IRISH STOCK CHARACTER #1 (WILL): Faith an’ begorrah, lads, but it’s a fearful cold evenin’. Let’s do this crime and get indoors.

IRISH STOCK CHARACTER #2 (TUKO): Right you be, boss! Be the hookey!

IRISH STOCK CHARACTER #3 (RICKY): Look, lads, just ‘cos we’re criminals, doesn’t mean we’re bad. Don’t kill anyone. Let’s just find our container and get home. I’m dyin’ for a jar.

They find a shipping container and break in.

TUKO: Oh, by the by, we’re looking for iPods. Just thought I’d remind everyone.

The container’s empty.

WILL: What the...

Well, almost. At the back there’s a guy, handcuffed to the wall, shirtless and faced away from the door.

They wander towards him and he turns. It’s PETER! Looking appropriately sweaty and disheveled. But THE HAIR is gone.

RICKY: Now what the hell is goin’ on here, be the hokey?

TUKO attempts GBH. PETER blasts him head over heels with a burst of electricity...a new power.

WILL: Hey!

PETER stares at his hands and then tugs at THE HAITIAN’s necklace, hanging around his neck.

PETER: I, um...I don’t know who I am...

To be continued...

A/N: I’m Irish. I’ve travelled all over the country, and I’ve never heard accents like those...except on American television. I’m sure the N’Awlins accents are just as bad, but those Oirish ones grate on me every time I hear them...but for future ftU, we’re taking it for granted, and I will not be writing them as leprechauns. Promise.


Glad you enjoyed! Looking forward to RHftU.