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Quiet! Voices.

wild_force71 in the_uninitiated

Heroes for the Uninitiated: Lizards

Sorry for the delay. I've had some RL Stuff going on, but I'm hoping to get back to a semi-regular schedule now. Enjoy!


Cork, Ireland

In the back room of a pub in Ireland, WILL throws a bucket of water over PETER. PETER is shirtless, dirty, wet and tied to a chair.

We now pause while fans around the world faint.

TUKO punches PETER.


RICKY: Right, hand over the iPods and we’ll let you go.

PETER: What iPods?

TUKO begins beating on him again.

Costa Verde, CA

SANDRA drops her ring into boiling water.

SANDRA: Darn! A flimsy excuse for CLAIRE to show off her powers.

CLAIRE shows off her powers.

SANDRA: Now don’t get noticed!

CLAIRE: (AngstsWhinesComplains) (Leaves)

SANDRA: Look, KAITO died!

MR BENNET: Damn. I was expecting that.


MR BENNET: Just...because...

SNADRA: Don’t make me break your shin bones, mister.

MR. BENNET: BecauseIsaactoldme...?

He shows SANDRA a painting that matches KAITO’s death scene.

MR BENNET: This is one of eight, but I don’t know where the other seven are or what they showed.

Deveaux Building, New York

MATT follows his SUPERVISOR onto the rooftop.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: So KAITO NAKAMURA—NAKAMURA KAITO, I guess—took a header off this building with this picture in his pocket. Recognize it?

MATT: It’s a picture of him, sir.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: Not the picture, idiot! The SYMBOL.

MATT: Oh. No.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: We’ve got one witness, says KAITO was pushed.

MATT: But there’s no other body.

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: Maybe he got up and walked away...or flew! (Laughs)

MATT: (Laughs uncertainly)

MATT’s SUPERVISOR: There was a fingerprint on the picture.

MATT: ANGELA PETRELLI. Well, let’s arrest her!

MATT’s SUPERVISOR wanders off for no particular reason. MATT looks around for ANDO.

MATT: You know this SYMBOL?

ANDO: That is the GODSEND, ABILITY kanji.

MATT: Yeah?

ANDO: It is TAKEZO KENSEI’s crest, a famous hero. HIRO, Mr NAKAMURA’s son, knows the stories.

MATT: I want to talk to HIRO.

ANDO: As do I. (Also wanders off for no particular reason.)

Otsu, Japan—1671

KENSEI is busy getting drunk.

HIRO: (Japanese, to self) Oh no! KENSEI is not completing his tasks! Soon there will be no stories to inspire young children! I must sober him up!

He attempts to drown him by way of sobering him up.

HIRO: (To KENSEI as he drowns) You are hero! You must save YAEKO!

KENSEI: (Bubbles)

HIRO: Hero!

KENSEI: Carp! (Passes out)

HIRO: Well, if KENSEI cannot be KENSEI... (Eyes the armor)

Costa Verde, CA

Science teacher MR ZERN talks about newts regrowing body parts.

MR ZERN: Newts and lizards can regrow limbs.

CLAIRE: Can people do that?

MR ZERN: Uh, no, you weirdo.

CLAIRE: Why not?

MR ZERN Because people aren’t lizards! Although people are working on that. But it’s theoretical. And the next step is to stop growing things we don’t need, like appendixes and pinky toes and stuff.

The rest of the class and especially WEST are staring at her.


MOHINDER meets BOB in his office.

BOB: Have fun getting here? That’s nice, cos you need to leave again. THE HAITIAN’s got the virus.

MOHINDER: How exactly is this thing spreading?

BOB: That’s what we hired you to find out.

Coatepeque, Guatemala

MAYA and ALEJANDRO knock on NIDIA’s door.

MAYA: (Spanish) NIDIA, remember us? We’re dangerous fugitives now, so we thought we’d come visit.

NIDIA: (Spanish) Yes, I remember you being born. MAYA, you are older than ALEJANDRO. Go and get some sleep.

MAYA wanders off.

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) We must go to America to take MAYA to a doctor.

NIDIA: (Spanish) I will help you. Now, MAYA’s been out of your sight for thirty seconds. You should go and make sure she’s ok.

Cork, Ireland

PETER is still tied to the chair. In addition to being wet, dirty, shirtless and sweaty, he is now bloody.

Let’s just wait for the fans to catch up...

CAITLIN comes in, holding a bowl and cloth, and begins...um...’tending’ to him.

CAITLIN: So you really don’t remember anything?


CAITLIN: Well, I’m Caitlin. There’s something for you to remember. Now if you don’t remember where the iPods are, they’re gonna kill you.

PETER: First thing I remember is your brother and the others coming at me. And I think I electrocuted the big guy.

CAITLIN stares at him.

CAITLIN: (Calmly) Well, despite all the blood on you, there’s no actual injuries. So I guess I believe you.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

MOHINDER wanders around and eventually let himself randomly into a house.

MOHINDER: (French) Anyone here? I speak French apparently!

No one’s there.

MOHINDER: (French) I’m a doctor!

TH: (English) You are a geneticist. Not a doctor.

MOHINDER: Same difference. I can cure you anyway.

TH: God is punishing me. I will not allow you to overturn his judgment.

MOHINDER: Well, if you have the one specific virus I can cure, we could consider that a sign from God that I was meant to heal you.

TH is too confused to answer.

Coatepeque, Guatemala
(All dialogue in Spanish)

MAYA wakes up. ALEJANDRO is sitting beside her, watching her in a not at all creepy way.

HEALER: You are twins and your brother protects you.

MAYA: Yes, this is true.

ALEJANDRO: We are going to America to find medical help for my sister.

HEALER: What a coincidence! I am a healer. Let me try.

The HEALER sits opposite MAYA and takes her hands.

HEALER: You are evil! You carry a blackness!

The HEALER runs away.

(All dialogue in Japanese)

YAEKO fights WHITE BEARD’s Samurai.

YAEKO: You are not real Samurai! You have no honor!

WHITE BEARD: (Is vaguely threatening)

HIRO appears, wearing KENSEI’s armor.

HIRO: Stop attacking that woman and face TAKEZO KENSEI! I will kill you all!

WHITE BEARD: I laugh at your boast. You have no sword!

Except he has all of the Samurai’s swords!

WHITE BEARD: Men, unleash your bows!

HIRO: Ah ah ah...

And now he has their bows and arrows, too.

WHITE BEARD: Run away!

HIRO: (Shouting) When you tell people about this, call it the Battle of Twelve Swords!

HIRO climbs onto his horse as Yaeko comes to gaze adoringly at him.

HIRO: Hey, pretty lady, want a ride?

Cork, Ireland

RICKY: (To Caitlin) We’re going out, leaving you with the mysterious stranger.

CAITLIN: As always.

They leave. PETER struggles against his ropes; he has no luck until he manages to phase through them. I guess he was close enough to DL on Kirby Plaza, after all.

Of course, he’s now thoroughly spooked himself.

He heads for the nearest window, scooping up a shirt on the way. The fans are very upset.

Out in the main room, CAITLIN is cleaning...because she’s a giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl...when two men walk in. PETER sees them, thinks about it for .07 of a second, then keeps going.

CAITLIN: RICKY’s not here.

THUG #1: Yeah, we came to hurt you a bit instead. Wanna play?

Things are about to get nasty when PETER arrives and electrocutes THUG #1. THUG #2 doesn’t take too kindly to this; PETER throws his gun telekinetically across the room. Thug #2 attempts to punch him; PETER uses JEKI’s superstrength and throws him across the room, slamming him into a wall.

CAITLIN straightens, eyeing the carnage.

CAITLIN: I hope you’re planning to pay for that, Superman.

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE steps away from her locker. WEST ambushes her.

WEST: You’re into genetics?

CLAIRE: No. I’m a giiiiiiiiiiiirl. I’m into being blonde, which is lucky for me, cos that’s what I am!

WEST: There’s this book by this Indian dude? Totally right up your street. I’ll loan it to you?

CLAIRE: You know what? You’re a little weird for me. So thanks, but no thanks.

She attempts to leave, but unfortunately...

...her car’s missing.

Japan, 1671
(All dialogue in Japanese)

YAEKO: I thought you were a drunken cheat who stole our money, but now I see you are a hero!

HIRO: Oh, look, cherry blossom!

YAEKO: Take off your mask?

HIRO: No, I...am shy! I cannot speak if you see me. But I will love you into legend!

The cherry blossoms scatter all over YAEKO, who smiles in delight before realizing that HIRO has vanished.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

MOHINDER: Well, you are getting better. Your God must have decided to spare you.

TH: You do not believe in God?

MOHINDER: Not a God who would let this happen to small children, no.

TH doesn’t answer.

MOHINDER: I must bring you in for observation.

TH: Why?

MOHINDER: The COMPANY I work for will want to run some tests.


MOHINDER blinks, looking around.

MOHINDER: ...in Haiti?

BOB: You’re in Haiti! You fell out of contact hours ago, I had to come find you myself!

MOHINDER: Seriously? Am I your only underling?

BOB: THE HAITIAN must have wiped your memory. Well, everyone gets one mistake. ONE, Dr SURESH.

Guatemala—Mexico Border
(All dialogue in Spanish)

ALEJANDRO and MAYA follow NIDIA towards the border.

NIDIA: If you are caught, they will kill you. Now crawl through this drainpipe!

NIDIA and MAYA begin to crawl through the pipe, but some police arrive before ALEJANDRO can follow. He gestures the girls on and hides...directly outside the pipe, in plain view.

MAYA scrambles through the pipe. The two police officers go through the motions, but don’t spot ALEJANDRO.

At the other end of the pipe, NIDIA tries to lead MAYA away.

MAYA: But I can’t go anywhere without my brother!

NIDIA: Your brother’s not coming. Come on.

MAYA: But...

She starts crying thick, black tears. NIDIA chokes up, stumbling backwards and grasping at her throat. MAYA screams, covering her face with both hands.

MAYA: ALEJANDRO! ALEJANDRO! Something has happened and I need to make a decision but you’re not here and I don’t know what to dooooooo!

She cries.

A little later ALEJANDRO crouches down beside her.

MAYA: ALEJANDRO, I think I killed her!

ALEJANDRO: Nonsense.

He sings, or possibly prays, and the black tears vanish from her eyes and reappear in his before vanishing. NIDIA stirs, waking up.

NIDIA: You are both cursed! Curséd!

She runs off, leaving the twins stranded.

Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE wanders into the Copy Kingdom.

CLAIRE: Um...Dad?


CLAIRE: Ilostthecar...

MR BENNET: But no one found out about you?

CLAIRE: (AngstsWhinesComplains)

MR BENNET: Yes, well, if the COMPANY find you you’ll really have something to complain about.

New York, New York...

MATT and his SUPERVISOR, who seems to be called FULLER, interview ANGELA.

MATT: So you had a fight with KAITO yesterday. Slapped him.

ANGELA: He said something nasty about my son’s death.

FULLER: Did you kill him for money?

ANGELA: You do know who I am, right?

MATT: Do you recognize this SYMBOL?

MATT shows her the photo of KAITO.

ANGELA: It’s the SYMBOL for my dead husband’s law firm.

MATT: Why is it all over his face?

ANGELA: Because it would be hard to fit it on that picture without it being on his face?

MATT ‘hears’: Because he’s out for revenge!

MATT: Anybody, maybe...out for revenge?

ANGELA: I want a lawyer.

MATT continues to ‘listen’. ANGELA, smiling serenely, blasts him with


MATT jerks backwards. ANGELA continues to smile.

Outside, NATHAN signs random forms at the desk until MATT comes up to him.

NATHAN: Hey, it’s the fat cop.

MATT: PARKMAN. We met in Texas. Look, come get your mother.

NATHAN: No, she won’t want to see me.

MATT: She asked us to call you.

NATHAN: Because she doesn’t have anyone else.

MATT: Well that’s...kind of sad.

The lights go out and ANGELA screams. MATT and NATHAN barrel down a corridor.

They find the observation room above ANGELA and pile in—they’ve picked up FULLER somewhere along the way. ANGELA’s balled into a corner, flailing at something.

While NATHAN bangs relatively uselessly on the glass, MATT snatches up a chair and crashes through the glass. He and NATHAN climb through as the lights come back on.

NATHAN hunkers next to ANGELA, who’s stopped flailing. MATT watches for a moment before kneeling next to them.

MATT: Who attacked you?

ANGELA: The eyes...the EYES!

NATHAN slides a photo out of her hand and passes it to MATT. It’s the photo of ANGELA with the SYMBOL daubed on.

Cork, Ireland

Apparently PETER remembers some of his nursing skills. He’s taking care of CAITLIN.

CAITLIN: Wanna tell me how you did that?

PETER: (Avoiding her eyes) I didn’t do anything.

CAITLIN: I’m not stupid, you know.

RICKY arrives.

RICKY: How dare you try to protect my sister from two vicious thugs? Now we’re in even more trouble!

PETER: (Is not impressed)

RICKY: Right, well, you’re going to help us on another job.

PETER: Uh, no.

RICKY: Uh, yes, unless you want me to burn all the stuff you were carrying on you when we found you.

PETER: I was wearing trousers. How much could I possibly have been carrying?

RICKY: Just do the job, Yank.


Carrying KENSEI’s armor, HIRO comes back into the tavern.


KENSIE: Carp! You thief. You stole my armor and ran off and left me abandoned!

YAEKO appears.

YAEKO: (Japanese) KENSEI! You ran away without my virg...I mean my father’s sword! Now come, we must hurry!

KENSEI: (English, to HIRO) Where are we going?

HIRO: (Japanese) Yes, we should go and rescue her father, KENSEI! How brave you are!

KENSEI: (English) All right, teach me to be your hero.

HIRO: Really?

KENSEI: If it gets me more time with her...rrrrrow.

HIRO follows him outside.

Where WHITE BEARD is waiting with a group of men.

WHITE BEARD: AhwemetagainKENSEIfire!

His archers fire, hitting KENSEI three times. KENSEI collapses as WHITE BEARD and his men run.

HIRO: Noooooooooooooooo!

He drops next to KENSEI, reaching uselessly for the arrows. KENSEI chokes a little and dies.

And then he doesn’t.

HIRO: KENSEI! You are alive!

He notices the sword.

HIRO: (Laughing) Godsend ability!

MOHINDER’s apartment, New York and Costa Verde, CA

MOHINDER slips in, trying not to wake MOLLY or MATT. MATT’s slipping in a chair by MOLLY’s bed in case she wakes up.

MOHINDER’s phone rings and he goes into the kitchen to answer it.

Mr BENNET: So tell me all.

MOHINDER: Well, BOB thinks I’m an idiot, and I won’t be able to help as much anymore. They’ll be watching me.

Mr BENNET: (Not paying attention) That’s alright. You’ve given me everything I need.

He hangs up and turns to greet...


Costa Verde, CA

CLAIRE’s doing...something...while Mr Muggles watches a dog show.

SANDRA wanders through.

SANDRA: CLAIRE, turn that off! You’re upsetting the dog!

CLAIRE: (To self) He’s a DOG. He can’t even see the television.

CLAIRE considers her pedicure kit and her science book, open to the section about lizards.

CLAIRE: Eh, what the hell.

She then proceeds to cut off her pinky.


It doesn’t.


It doesn’t.

CLAIRE: What the hell, I don’t need one.

It grows back.

Mr Muggles suddenly jumps up, barking at the window. CLAIRE turns to see WEST standing outside, staring at her.

CLAIRE: (To self) Shit!

She runs out, but WEST is nowhere to be seen. The only thing around is a copy of Activating Evolution, CHANDRA SURESH’s book, lying on the ground.

To be continued...