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Quiet! Voices.

wild_force71 in the_uninitiated

Heroes for the Uninitiated: Kindred

Kindred! Enjoy. Thanks, scifislasher

(Psst, tulza! Any sign of that one you were working on?)


Cork, Ireland

PETER and RICKY both eye the box.

PETER: So you want me to commit crime, and then you’ll give me the box?

RICKY: That’s about it, yeah. We’re gonna break into a bookie’s.

PETER: Ok...?

RICKY: And you’re going to help us with your cool powers.

WILL: (Thinking) And then I’ll kill all of you and take the money.

PETER overhears this.

PETER: Uh, he’s gonna kill you.

WILL: What? Hey, come on! You don’t believe him, do you?

RICKY, TUKO and WILL pile on him. CAITLIN flinches but doesn’t try to stop them.

RICKY: See the gaudy tattoo? That means I trust him, and not you.

PETER: Yet you’re willing to trust me to do your crime...?

RICKY: Shut up.

All dialogue in Spanish

MAYA and ALEJANDRO wander along.

ALEJANDRO: MAYA, you need to eat! MAYA, you should drink something! MAYA, you need to rest!

MAYA: ALEJANDRO, give it a rest! I’m not stopping until we reach New York and find the Doctor.

ALEJANDRO: You’ll be pretty tired by then. Look, I could steal a car.

ALEJANDRO, not surprisingly, makes a hash of it and attracts the attention of some nearby police. There follows a very long chase sequence before ALEJANDRO is caught. MAYA manages to hide.

Las Vegas

NIKI and MICAH sit just outside a cemetery.

MICAH: But I don’t wanna!

NIKI: We’re leaving town.

MICAH: But dad’s still here!

NIKI: He really can’t come with us.

MICAH runs off and throws himself down at his father’s grave.

Maui—or maybe not

CANDICE talks about nothing particular on the phone while SYLAR sleeps on a lounger beside her.

CANDICE: Oops he’s waking up gotta go bye!

SYLAR looks around slowly.

SYLAR: Heaven is such a letdown.

CANDICE: It’s not Heaven! This is Maui.

She grins, and their surroundings fade to a dingy shack.

CANDICE: Or maybe it isn’t. Cool, huh?

SYLAR: What...

CANDICE: I saved you from Kirby Plaza and we stitched you back together, but you’re not quite better yet. Maybe lie still, huh?

Costa Verde, California

CLAIRE’s reading Activating Evolution when someone knocks on her door.

MR BENNET: I’ve come to pry into your life, is that ok?

CLAIRE: Is there any point in me saying no?

MR BENNET: I could pretend to apologize.

CLAIRE: Well, I will if you will. If someone here found out about me, say because I was cutting off my body parts willy-nilly, what would happen?

MR BENNET: Oh, we’d have to run off and hide in a cave somewhere. Why?

CLAIRE: ...Just wondering...

Later, still Costa Verde

CLAIRE lurks until she can pounce on WEST.

CLAIRE: I was giving myself a pedicure. I’m just not much good at it. I knocked over the bottle of nail polish and it looked like blood.

WEST: Yeah, I’m not buying.

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MATT startles out of a nightmare. MOLLY’s still sleeping but there’s noise out in the living room. MATT gets up, finds his gun and slips out.

And almost shoots MOHINDER.


MATT: I thought you were in Cairo.

MOHINDER: Haiti. But I’m back, I’ll be working in the city.

MATT: Great, we can all get sucked into the spy thing. Good plan, MOHINDER.

MOHINDER: What’s up with you?

MATT: I’m already babysitting MOLLY, I can’t handle you too!

MOHINDER: I don’t want you to handle me.


MOLLY jumps him from behind.

Tokyo, Japan

ANDO’s Supervisor: Busted!

ANDO: (Pretends to be working)

The supervisor wanders off. ANDO fishes the Godsend sword out of his filing cabinet...presumably no one ever looks there...and studies it.

For the first time ever, despite all the time he’s spent looking at it, he realizes that his name is carved on the handle. He finds a secret compartment with several tiny scrolls in them.

HIRO: (V/O) ANDO! I’m having such a great adventure!

Japan, 1671

(All dialogue in Japanese)

HIRO: (V/O con’t) I may have killed time, in which case you’ll never even read this, but I met a pretty girl and she liked me! Oh, and KENSEI is here too.

KENSEI is killed very, very dead by WHITE BEARD’s men. This is very upsetting for HIRO, since this was never supposed to happen.

Only he’s not really that dead. KENSEI, it seems, has the same ability as CLAIRE.

KENSEI: Why am I not dead?

HIRO pulls out one of the arrows.

HIRO: Godsend! Yatta!

KENSEI: I’m cursed!

HIRO: No, it’s a gift!

KENSEI: Uh, no. It’s a curse.

HIRO: It’ll help you get the girl.

KENSEI: Lead on, carp.

Cork, Ireland

PETER: Go go spidey power!

He flings his hands around in various absurd ways. Nothing happens.

CAITLIN: Does that help?

PETER: (Mutters) Helps me feel like an idiot.

CAITLIN: Helps you look like an idiot, too. Look, just stick with me and the boys, you’ll be fine.

(All dialogue in Spanish)

A police officer signs ALEJANDRO in.

ALEJANDRO: But I didn’t do it!

He looks around desperately and sees the Wanted for Murder poster with his and MAYA’s pictures.


Luckily, the actual police don’t recognize him and just throw him in a holding cell.

Costa Verde, California

CLAIRE, WEST and their classmates settle in for science.

MR ZERN, their teacher: Moving on from lizards, we’re talking about mitosis.

CLAIRE: That seems like a step backwards.

MR ZERN: Well, yesterday I lost my notes so I had to make it up.

WEST: Can we talk about the lizard some more? What if someone cut off its’ arm?

MR ZERN: It would grow back. We talked about that yesterday, weren’t you listening?

WEST: But what if a person had lizard DNA, and then you cut off her arm? Or her leg? Or her blonde hair?

CLAIRE flounces out. MR ZERN does not seem put out, even when WEST follows her.

MR ZERN: Anyone else want to leave, or shall we learn some stuff?

Japan, 1671

HIRO: (V/O, writing) Kensei kind of sucks as a hero. But I will teach him! Also, I’m in love with his girlfriend. Um...oops?

KENSEI: Carp! I can’t kill myself!

HIRO: ...stop trying? Look, You need to go on many adventures with stupid names.

KENSEI: I’m not sure I trust you anymore.

HIRO vanishes and reappears behind him.

HIRO: See? I have powers too!

KENSEI: It’s lucky YAEKO wasn’t watching just then.

HIRO: Yes, very lucky.

KENSEI: Right, I’m going to go...

HIRO touches his shoulder and they vanish, reappearing somewhere high up a mountain.

KENSEI: ...make some money. Where are we?

HIRO: You are going to face the 90 angry ronin and retrieve the scroll! Bye.

HIRO vanishes. KENSEI wonders how long it will take to defeat the 90 ronin in between passing out from oxygen deprivation.

Costa Verde, California

WEST tracks CLAIRE down.

WEST: So, did I piss you off?

CLAIRE: Drop dead.

WEST: Look, I’m just trying to make you feel even more like an outsider. What’s wrong with that?

CLAIRE: Oh my god, you’re such a...

WEST snatches her and flies off. CLAIRE laughs.

Cork, Ireland

PETER and CAITLIN sit in a car, listening to the radio to be sure the game is over. Because apparently they don’t have watches.

PETER gets out and heads for the bookie’s, where two Securicor guards are preparing to load the money.

PETER: Hey! Gimmie my money!

GUARD #1: It’s Paddy Power’s money now, boy. Go home and sleep it off.

WILL and RICKY step out of the shadows and knock the guards out. PETER yanks them behind a parked car and out of range.

The door opens and the men with the money come out. WILL and TUKO get one box but the guard sounds the alarm and people start firing and there’s yelling. It’s all very dramatic.

PETER telekinetically yanks the armoured car in front of the guards, penning them in and blocking their fire. He dashes for CAITLIN’s car and she drives off.

New York—the studio formerly known as ISAAC’s

MOHINDER wanders in. Company workers are packing up ISAAC’s paintings and moving in scientific equipment.

MOHINDER: So...ISAAC had no one to leave any of this stuff to?

BOB: We’re not real big on inheritance law. Anyway, he’s dead.


BOB: This is your new lab!

MOHINDER: (To self) Nice segue.

BOB: You’re going to do great things here. (Smiles creepily) Great, great things.

Japan, 1671
(All dialogue in Japanese)

YAEKO: Is he here yet?


YAEKO: Is he here yet?


YAEKO: Is he coming?

HIRO: Yes.

YAEKO: Is he here yet?


YAEKO: Is he here yet?

HIRO: There he is!

KENSEI raises the scroll in victory. HIRO grins, but his smile fades as YAEKO throws herself at KENSEI.

New Orleans

NIKI and MICAH climb out of a cab.

NIKI: Here is the family I’m dumping you with. I don’t know how we’re related, since this isn’t DL’s mom and I’m white. But never mind. We love them dearly.

MICAH: I don’t wanna.

NIKI: MICAH, I’m so over the stroppy kid thing.

She knocks at the door. GRANDMA UHURA answers.

GRANDMA UHURA: Welcome to N’Awlins, y’all!

(All dialogue in Spanish)

MAYA creeps into the police station.

MAYA: Um...I would like my brother.

OFFICER: (Not looking) All your money.

MAYA: I have no money.

OFFICER: Then you have no brother.

MAYA looks around, snatches the Wanted poster and brandishes it at him.

MAYA: Look! I am a murderer!

Two officers grab her and manhandle her down onto the desk. MAYA takes a deep breath and her eyes go dark.

Back in the cells, ALEJANDRO notices another prisoner fall over. His eyes are bleeding black.

ALEJANDRO: MAYA! Come save me!

MAYA does.

ALEJANDRO: Have you been eating right while I’ve been in here? Keeping well wrapped up? Need me to stop that pesky black eye thing?

HE suppresses her powers and the officers and prisoner start moving again. MAYA didn’t kill anyone!

DEREK (the other prisoner): Hey! I’ll drive you out of here!

They break him out and all three go on the run.

Cork, Ireland

RICKY breaks open the lock box. It’s full of money.

WILL: Nice. Now hand it over.

PETER: Look, I was right! Believe me now?

WILL fires at him. PETER goes down.

WILL: Now give me the fecking money!

PETER’s up again. He knocks WILL into the nearest wall and begins choking him.


PETER’s healing as they watch.


PETER finally realizes what’s going on and lets WILL go. WILL runs for it.

Japan, 1671

HIRO’s still writing.

HIRO: Dear ANDO, please make ten copies of this letter. If you break the chain, terrible things will happen. Also, I’m coming home.

HIRO says his goodbyes. It’s very upsetting.

HIRO: (writing) Actually, no I’m not.

Someplace, somewhere

SYLAR attempts to move a cup. Nothing happens.

SYLAR: Where are my powers?

CANDICE: We took them away while you’re healing. Then we’ll give them back. But I’ll entertain you. Want to go to London? Paris? Tokyo?

Their surroundings change as she speaks.

SYLAR smashes her over the head with his coffee cup.

SYLAR: Ooh, powers...

He cuts her head with a piece of the cup.

SYLAR: Interesting...I’ll be going back to Maui now.

Or maybe he won’t. The power hasn’t taken.

Grimacing, he presses a hand against his stomach and heads for the door. The shack sits in a clearing in a huge forest.

Cork, Ireland

CAITLIN’s branding PETER with the gaudy tattoo.

RICKY: So, you helped us do crime and you saved us from WILL. Here’s your box.

PETER looks at the box as RICKY walks away.

CAITLIN: Are you going to look at it or what?

PETER: What if I’m evil?

CAITLIN: Well, you did do crime and almost kill WILL.

PETER: My point.

CAITLIN: I distract you with kissing!

Unnoticed by either, the gaudy tattoo alters into the SYMBOL before vanishing.

Costa Verde, California

WEST and CLAIRE are sitting on a beach.

CLAIRE: Your power’s cooler.

WEST: Your power’s cooler.

CLAIRE: No, yours!

WEST: No, yours!

The audience quietly throws up.

CLAIRE: WEST, why do you have two scars on your neck?

WEST: Oh, the Horn Rimmed Glasses Man kidnapped me a few years ago. I ran out here to get away from him.

CLAIRE: My god, this world is so small!

WEST: What?

CLAIRE: I mean, that’s terrible.

New York—the studio formerly known as ISAAC’s and Costa Verde, New York

BOB hands MOHINDER another vial, practically breathing down his neck as he begins examining it.

His phone rings.

BOB: Gotta go, MOHINDER! (To phone) So, are you ready?

NIKI: (On phone) Can you heal me?

BOB: It’ll cost you.

NIKI: (On phone) Sign me up.

Inside, MOHINDER is on his own phone.

MOHINDER: They’ve taken most of the paintings. There’s nothing left.

MR BENNET: (On phone) Listen, you’ll be ok as long as I’m around. I’ll take care of you.

MOHINDER: Oh, you had to say it...look, I’m sending you a picture of the painting I just found.

MR BENNET: (On phone) By pushing one button on your phone? That’s pretty advanced.

MOHINDER: Well, I am a professor, you know. This is eight of eight.

MR BENNET: (On phone) One of eight was KAITO’s death.

MOHINDER: Eight of eight seems to be yours.

And it is: MR BENNET lies in the foreground, shot through the eye, while a shadowy figure embraces CLAIRE in the background.

In Costa Verde, MR BENNET studies the painting until he realizes CLAIRE is watching him. He immediately closes the window.

CLAIRE: (Thoughtfully) Night, dad.


As she walks away, he stares at his laptop.

To be continued.


I'm glad to see you're continuing where you left off! as I haven't seen most of s3, I would not get any jokes if you'd gone from there...

I particularly liked Peter, Maya, and Claire (in a so-cheesy-it's-good way) this time.