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Quiet! Voices.

wild_force71 in the_uninitiated

Heroes for the Uninitiated: The Kindness of Strangers


Costa Verde, California—BENNET residence

MR BENNET is studying the picture showing his gruesome, gruesome death when SANDRA comes in.


SANDRA: Sorry?

MR BENNET: Has she met anyone? A boy? Is it a boy? She’s going to run away with the boy, isn’t she. Who is he? I’ll kill him first.

CLAIRE comes in.

CLAIRE: Morning.


CLAIRE: Um...0k?

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MOLLY wakes up screaming. MATT runs in.

MATT: FREEZE, MOTHERFU...I mean...MOLLY! It’s ok, you’re dreaming!

MOHINDER comes in behind him and turns on the light.

MOLLY: I had a bad dream.

MATT: (Softly) No shit. (Louder) Water will cure you! Water cures everything!

MOHINDER stops him in the doorway, so MOLLY can hear them talk about her.

MATT: Her dreams are getting worse. Can’t you science her up a remedy?


MATT: Well, I’m going to get the water.

He doesn’t go, though, just hangs around to listen to MOHINDER sing to MOLLY.

Washington, DC

NATHAN is hanging out at a primary school. Because that’s not a recipe for getting arrested, or anything. At least he’s wearing a suit, but he’s still got the crazy-wood-chopper beard thing going on.

NATHAN: Hey, the children I almost never acknowledge!

The boys come to talk to him through the fence.

NATHAN: Kids, I’ve turned up for the first time in months looking a bit crazy to tell you your grandmother’s in hospital.

SIMON: Uh-oh, spaghetti-ohs!

NATHAN: ...yeah. Get your mommy to help you call her tonight, ok?

MONTY: Where is she?

NATHAN: In hospital, I just told you.

MONTY: What hospital? We’re in New York, there’s lots of them.

TEACHER: Excuse me! MR PETRELLI, you are not allowed have contact with your children!

The TEACHER takes MONTY away. SIMON is unsure.

NATHAN: Go on.

SIMON joins his brother, leaving NATHAN standing alone by the fence.



MAYA: We are going to America! To see a doctor.

DEREK: Well, I’m going to America too, but being as you’re fugitives and all...

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish) What’s he saying now?

MAYA: (Spanish) That he will help...

DEREK slams on the brakes and they stop inches from a body in the road. Everyone scrambles out and gathers around...




New Orleans—DAWSON home

DAMON, MICAH’s cousin, wakes him by throwing water at him. MICAH is Not Amused.

GRANDMA UHURA: Well, time for school!

MICAH: I got here yesterday. How am I enrolled already?

MONICA: So how do I look?

DAMON: Stupid.


MICAH: In charge.

MONICA: Thanks, MICAH! I just knew I aced that test!

She catches sight of the TV; the chef is carefully preparing a tomato rose.

DAMON: Oh, can you give me money?

MONICA: What, so you can watch wrestling on pay-per-view? I think not. I gotta go to work, bye!

GRANDMA UHURA wanders off and DAMON glares at MICAH.

MICAH: Pay-per-view, huh?

New York—ANEGLA’s hospital room
MATT and his supervisor, FULLER, take ANGELA’s statement.

ANGELA: I killed KAITO, because I...had sex...and wanted money.

ANGELA: (Thinking for MATT’s benefit) Buy it, PARKMAN, let it go...

MATT: And you’re confessing because...

ANGELA: Clearing my conscience.

ANGELA: (Thinking for MATT’s benefit) They’ll find us out, what we can do, who we are. Just let it go. Let me do this.

Costa Verde High School, California

MAY hands CLAIRE a cheerleading form.

CLAIRE: Oh! Well...thanks!

MAY: Well, the girls like you. Cos you stood up to DEBBIE.

CLAIRE: I didn’t jump.

MAY: Yeah, well. Think about it!

MAY bounces off as WEST appears.

CLAIRE: So yesterday was really fun, but we can’t be friends anymore.

WEST: Is this because we flew together?

Several girls walking by giggle, assuming it’s a euphemism.

CLAIRE: No! Look, my dad’s just super-protective.

WEST: Well, I’ll talk to him.

CLAIRE bursts into semi-hysterical laughter.

WEST: Look, let’s go on one date, and then if you want, I’ll back off.

CLAIRE: God, fine!

New York—Hospital

Oh look! NATHAN’s shaved!

NATHAN: You know that confession doesn’t count?

MATT: She wasn’t confessing. She’s innocent.

NATHAN: Oh, and you know that how?

MATT: (Quietly) Because I read her mind.

NATHAN: You read minds? Are you reading my mind?

MATT: No...ew! Yes, quit that! Look, my little girl is somehow involved in your mother’s murder case, and she wants me to back off but I won’t.

He holds up the pictures of KAITO and ANGELA, both daubed with the SYMBOL.

NATHAN: I know this symbol. And this photograph.

MATT: Good, you can help me.

NATHAN: Yeah. I need to talk to my mother first.

NATHAN finds ANGELA getting dressed.

NATHAN: You didn’t do this. Why are you confessing?

ANGELA: Because I can’t confess to the things I actually did.

NATHAN: Look, I can help you.

ANGELA: No. You’re still a drunk. Go get straight and get your kids back.

NATHAN: You didn't kill Kaito Nakamura.

ANGELA: Duh. Look, you’ll just get yourself killed, and I can’t lose another son.

She watches him until he nods acceptance, hugging him. MATT and FULLER step into the room.

MATT: So! Off to the pen!


SYLAR: I was robbed. And I’ve been walking. Woe is me.

ALEJANDRO doesn’t believe him, unlike MAYA, who’s lapping it up.

SYLAR: I’m going to New York.

MAYA: So are we!

SYLAR: Oh? Why?

MAYA: To find this man!

She shows him CHANDRA’s book.

SYLAR: I know this man. I’ll help you find him.


MAYA: (Spanish) He knows the doctor! He’ll take us there, it’s a miracle!

ALEJANDRO: (Spanish, not buying it) Yes, a miracle.

MAYA: (To SYLAR) What is your name?

SYLAR glances at his broken watch.

SYLAR: Gabriel. Grey.

New Orleans—Burger Bonanza

MONICA sings to herself while cutting tomatoes. Hands up if you can see where this is going...

CAMILLE, her co worker: Are you drunk?

MONICA: No, I’m just happy! I took the test!

CAMILLE: And that made you happy?

MONICA: Well, it’s a future, isn’t it?

CAMILLE: (Doubtfully) I guess...it’s a big responsibility, though, isn’t it?

MONICA: I can handle it. Can’t be any harder than riding herd at home.

CAMILLE: Louder, I suppose.

MONICA considers.

MONICA: What are you talking about?

CAMILLE: Your baby?

MONICA: What? Not a pregnancy test, stupid! The management training test! Gotta earn some money and get my family out of New Orleans! Because of the storm.

CAMILLE: I don’t know if that’ll happen, though. Hey, how’d you do that?

MONICA looks down. A perfect tomato rose sits on the counter in front of her. Before she can say anything, MR LAMONT, the manager, calls her.

MR LAMONT: This is never easy, so I’m going to crush all your hopes in one fell swoop; you’re not going to be a manager. Be happy in your job, because (Ominous) Not many people have one.

Costa Verde—BENNET home

SANDRA: So I thought we should do a family activity.

CLAIRE: Oh, I can’t. Homework. At the library.

MR BENNET doesn’t believe her.


LYLE: Because your car got stolen, ha!

CLAIRE: Um...no. I’ll walk. The weather’s so nice here!

A little later CLAIRE leaves the house...with no research materials. Well done, CLAIRE...and heads around the corner to meet WEST. MR BENNET trails her, but by the time he reaches the corner she’s vanished.

New York—PETER’s apartment

NATHAN and MATT poke through various boxes.

NATHAN: OK, it’s a group shot, my parents are in it...

MATT: You knew KAITO?

NATHAN: Well, my parents did. My father didn’t like him because he was sleeping with my mother, so he didn’t come around much. And there was LINDERMAN and CHARLES DEVEAUX...geez, everyone in it is dead, nearly.

MATT: Hey, I found a picture of your boys! Want me to rub a little salt in that cut?


MATT: OK, well, my wife left me because she had an affair and got pregnant with his baby, and my gift has screwed up my life and career, so...

NATHAN: Hey, found it! I’m sorry, were you talking?

They both study the photo.

NATHAN: That’s my mother, father, LINDERMAN, CHARLES DEVEAUX, BOB WHATSISNAME...I don’t know these other people.

MATT: I know this one. That’s my father.

New Orleans—Burger Bonanza

MONICA sits outside, pouting, until CAMILLE comes along with a drink. Hopefully it’s water, cos that cures everything.

MONICA: I’m meant to be somebody!

CAMILLE: Ok, but right now, you have to be somebody who makes hamburgers.

Las Vegas—Hollywood sign

WEST and CLAIRE are perched on top of the sign.

WEST: So, you like...being high up, apparently?

CLAIRE: You can fly. You can’t possibly be afraid of heights.

WEST: Who said anything about being high? I mean, afraid?

CLAIRE: It reminds of a place back home. And that guy, my best friend, oh, what was his name? ::Snaps fingers::

WEST: Tell me everything!

CLAIRE: No, I can’t possibly open up to you.

WEST: Why not?

CLAIRE: I can’t tell you. That would be defined as opening up. Although I do want to trust you.

WEST: Oh, go jump off a height.

CLAIRE: Um...ok...

CLAIRE jumps off the sign. WEST goes after her, catching her in mid air.

CLAIRE: Wow, you caught me! Clearly we are soul mates!

WEST: Um...yeah?

New Orleans—Dawson House

MICAH pokes randomly at the back of the TV.

DAMON: If you don’t make this work, I’ma kick your ass. Got that?

MICAH makes it work.

DAMON grins and they sit down to watch. MONICA comes in, pausing as she sees them.

MONICA: Pay-per-view?

DAMON: (Absent) Yeah. MICAH fixed it.

MICAH: I just wanted to help. (To self) And not get beaten up.

MONICA: Just obey the rules, alright? I got enough to worry about.

MICAH: Yeah, ok.

MICAH hugs her, pressing one hand against her back and closing his eyes to concentrate.


Kind of a shame his powers don’t work on people, huh?

MONICA glances at the TV, where one of the wrestlers swings around sideways to kick the other one in the head.

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MATT paces back and forward, studying the photo. MOLLY and MOHINDER come in, MOLLY running for a hug. Disappointing the slashers in the audience, MOHINDER does not follow suit.

MATT: Hi! Ok, I have to talk to you guys. My father ran off when I was thirteen, because he’s a criminal, and now I need to find him. (He looks expectantly at MOLLY.)

MOHINDER is not impressed.


MATT pulls out the photo again and points to his father. MOLLY backs up, eyeing the photo like it’s going to bite her.

MOLLY: NO! Not him!

MOHINDER: Molly...?

MOLLY: He’s the Nightmare Man. He’ll see me. Don’t make me look!

New York—PETER’s apartment

NATHAN studies a collage he’s made of photos of PETER. Choosing one, he sticks it in the frame of a mirror.

NATHAN: I'm gonna decorate your place, PETE.

When he looks up, he sees the MONSTER version of himself in the mirror. On instinct he punches the reflection; the mirror cracks and he sees himself.

And bloody knuckles. Ouch.

Costa Verde, California

CLAIRE and WEST land just outside her house.

WEST: So if we’re gonna keep hanging out, you’ll need to come up with a good lie.

CLAIRE: I can do that.

WEST: Wait! I need a kiss goodnight or I can’t sleep!


DEREK buys a paper from a roadside vendor. The main article is about MAYA and ALEJANDRO, with the police poster.

DEREK: Hey, GABRIEL! We’re traveling with criminals, look!

GABRIEL: Golly gee, LOIS, are you sure?

DEREK: (Not listening) We’ve got to do something!

GABRIEL: Well, why don’t you stand there and yell, and then wander off to a dark corner, while I bounce this rock in my hand suggestively.

In the car, ALEJANDRO is impatient. Big surprise there.

SYLAR climbs into the driver’s seat.

SYLAR: So...are you guys murderers?

ALEJANDRO: (In Spanish) Say no.

MAYA: Yes.


SYLAR: DEREK’s calling the police.

MAYA: What? No! Why would he do that?!

SYLAR: I think maybe because you killed people...?

MAYA starts hyperventilating and her eyes darken. SYLAR crumples; ALEJANDRO leans forward, gripping her hands, and she starts to relax.

SYLAR: Well, I understand killing people. I’ll help you!

Costa Verde—BENNET house

CLAIRE attempts to sneak in. For someone raised by a spy, she’s not very good.

MR BENNET: So how was the library? I hope there were no BOYS!

CLAIRE: No boys! I was cheerleading!

MR BENNET: There are no boys on your cheerleading team? I’ve seen Bring it On, you know, you...CHEERLEADING?

CLAIRE: (Is distraught)

MR BENNET: (Is fooled)

Outside THE HAITIAN is lurking. MR BENNET goes to meet him.

TH: We must go to Odessa.

MR BENNET: I just moved out of Odessa.

TH: Odessa, Ukraine.

MR BENNET:...ok.

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MATT: She has to do it.


MATT: My father might be dead! Or a killer! Or being killed!

MOHINDER: And you want your almost-daughter to find out for you? Grow up, MATT! Look, this guy here is my boss in the Company. We’ll go see him.

MATT: Ok, fine. But first she has to find my dad!


MOLLY: Boys! Why am I the grown up here? I’ll look for your stupid father, MATT.

New Orleans—Burger Bonanza

The Bonanza is empty.

MR LAMONT: Let’s close up!

MONICA goes to lock the front door, but a ROUGH LOOKING MAN pushes in.

RLM: Gimmie all y’all money!

MONICA waits until he’s distracted, then does the wrestling move, knocking him through a pane of glass. He stumbles off.

MR LAMONT: Where’d you learn that?

MONICA: ...TV...

New York—MOHINDER’s apartment

MOLLY sits with an atlas on her lap. MATT faces her while MOHINDER hovers.

MATT: We won’t let him hurt you.

MOLLY rolls her eyes and stabs the pin into the map.

MATT: Philadelphia! Ok, where?

MOLLY: In...a building...

MATT: OK, sweetheart? That’s not helpful.

MOLLY: An apartment! Third floor!

MATT: Ok, but you haven’t said where...

MOLLY: Apartment nine!

MOHINDER: Stop now.

MATT: But she hasn’t told us where...

MOHINDER: Out now!

MOLLY screams, convulses and falls over.

MATT ‘hears’: HELP ME!

To be continued...


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